Below are some links of various devotions, services, and other resources for use in the home. Husbands and fathers especially have a special obligation and duty to lead their families in these things to make sure God's word is read, studied, and confessed in the homes in which God has appointed them as the head of the family. This page, "Resources for home" is best viewed when not in mobile mode, however, the documents can be viewed on mobile devices which can read PDFs.

Here are the links again to the church's YouTube page and Pastor's sermon in audio format 















Concordia Publishing House has provided some resources for use during this time as well.

Here are some orders of Daily Prayer and Hymns for families to use. Also visit the CPH website for more resources



Here is a link to some great daily devotions for use in the home arranged according to the church year.





Martin Luther wrote an excellent letter during a time of plague and it is helpful for us in how we think during situations like this time.